Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 21, 2014 | Pastor John Bayles | Marching to the Cross: The Hour to be Lifted Up | John 12:26

The disciples are in shock. They thought they were entering into a discipleship relationship to a man who was wise, who could work miracles, and who even might become noteworthy in their religious circles. But He has surprised them again and again. They speak of His mission as one of messianic glory. He speaks of dying. They are looking into their hearts and wondering if this all was a mistake. Jesus is looking into their hearts and calling them to absolute loyally and servitude.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 14, 2014 | Pastor John Bayles | Marching to the Cross: Serving the True Master | John 12:26-43

Today we will continue to examine the statements that Jesus began in verse 23 with the words: Jesus replied, The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.” How strange it must have seemed that Jesus brought forth these words in response to Philip and Andrew bringing the request for a personal visit with Jesus by a group of Greek visitors to Jerusalem. But not strange at all in the light of what we have seen taking place over the past two chapters in which John outlines again and again how mis-understood and even non-understood Jesus’ had been by all those around him. They were looking at a singular, Jewish interpretation of the Messiah. Jesus would not fulfill their expectations. As a result they were missing Him and misunderstanding everything He was preaching to them. They had missed the Messiah because their unregenerate, dead nature was blinding them. They were yet dead in trespasses and sins.