Friday, May 27, 2011

Stories of Death and Life

Last evening John Mazariegos, missionary to San Luis Potosi, Mexico spoke at the Maryland Correctional Training Center in Hagerstown. The room was filled with inmates enthusiastic about the moving worship service and eager to hear the Word of God, as Johnny spoke:

"Many of you have stories floating around in your minds tonight. Stories of death that have been told to you from your childhood. Stories that have shaped your view of the world and your view of yourselves. Many of these stores are lies from hell. You have believed them to such a deep level that they have brought you to believe that you have no dignity, no goodness, nothing of value. I believe that God is going to crush these stores of death tonight and speak a new story into your minds."

As we sat captured by his redemptive exhortations, Johnny wove an example from the life of King David in I Samuel. David too believed the wrong story about his life, yet God brought His own redemptive re-evaluation into the mind of the future king of Israel. With the support, confirmation, and encouragement of others, God replaced the lies of his internal story with life and greatness. In response to this message, as alter ministers prayed for them, dozens of these men proclaimed that they were set free, changed by the power of God. As Chaplain Banks stated, "This is a sermon that will remain in our hearts throughout our lives."

This Sunday, May 29th, Pastor Mazariegos will be our guest speaker at Twinbrook Community Church. His strong emphasis upon bringing the Word of God directly into the places of healing and change in the hearts of people will again be his goal. This is an excellent time to bring a friend who needs to hear the Gospel and discover how it meets the needs of the soul. It will be a wonderful time of refreshing as we greet Johnny and his wife Robin to Twinbrook Community Church.

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