Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 7, 2011 | John Bayles | The Second Dispute: The Fear and Honor of His Name (Malachi 1:6-2:9)

Though God had demonstrated his love and care for Israel over their entire existence, He, in love had taken them into exile. For seventy years they were disciplined, and, in a remarkable move, God brought them back into their own land, rebuilt their temple, reconstructed their walls and reengaged their temple sacrificial system. This is an incredible and exclusive demonstration of an historic people group becoming literally extinct and then reemerging as a nation state. Who would believe that they would ever forget this mercy or cease to give thanks and honor to the One who brought them through this long pilgrimage? Obviously, Israel had forgotten their own history, and lost their thanks and honor for Yahweh in a few short years.

Then onto the scene comes "My Messenger" Malachi to enforce the covenant of God with His people. In the presentation of his second dispute, Malachi addresses the priests of Israel. In weariness of their duties and without seeing the emergence of their national standing, the priesthood had sunk into a state of thanklessness and dishonor for their role as ministers in the temple system. As we have discovered already, the exhortation of Malachi has a poignant and relevant message for us today. Sadly, Israel showed little change in the light of his message to a great extent. Will we follow that path or will we turn our hearts and actions toward thanks and honor of the one who rescued us from the dominion of darkness and transported us into the kingdom of the Son He loves?

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  1. I was gratified this past Sunday to see the many hands raise up when asked how many had read through the book of Malachi since the series began. This is the key to expository study - following the flow of ideas verse-by-verse. The end result will be the amazing blessing of hearing the Lord speak through His word -- our great reward. Keep up the practice. The rewards are everlasting!