Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 13, 2012 | John Bayles | The Living Witness (1 Timothy 4:9-16)

We live in a “gotcha” age. You know, just after a person has gone into great detail outlining the best parts of an idea, the interviewer says, “Yes, but in some past time (and embarrassingly on tape) didn’t you say the following?” Then the tape, or worse the videotape, is played, the contradiction is highlighted, and then in response the accused person says, “I never said that!” It’s the kind of thing that makes me yell at the TV - though, of course, as you know, I never do that.

In today's text, Paul introduces his second trustworthy saying. The first one was outlined in chapter 3:1 regarding desiring the offices of overseer and servants. We will discover that Paul’s main point is presented in v.9,10. The discussion begins with two assertions: #1 We have put our faith in the living God; #2 He is the Savior of “all men” and “especially those who believe.” In the second part of the text, Paul outlines a strategy to Timothy for how to effectively communicate these truths to the false teachers and their followers. Surprisingly the main thrust is not in what Timothy says, but in what he does. More correctly in what he is.

Here is the trustworthy saying in practice. Here is the evidence of the presence of the Living God Paul has referred to above. And here is the most powerful witness of all for him and for us. The old slogan, “Practive what you preach” comes close to describing the idea, but falls a bit short. More correctly Paul is telling Timothy and us,“You are the message.”

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May 13, 2012 | John Bayles | The Living Witness (1 Timothy 4:9-16)


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