Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 27, 2013 | John Bayles | Purchased by Love (Hosea 3:1-5)

In this passage today, Hosea moves away from the immediate proclamations of dread and judgement upon the nation of Israel and reflects upon another people, in another time frame. As we have seen already in this book there is a present application, a word to the nation in its historical context. And there is a word coming forth of a new nation, a new time, and a new relationship between God and his people.

This is the story of God’s patience and longsuffering towards a sinful people. It demonstrates that within ourselves we cannot produce a righteousness that can bring us into a relationship with God. He therefore, by grace, satisfies Himself, purchases us, and redeems us, so that His justice is met, and so that we may come into relationship with Him.

Long before the Apostles wrote about grace, redemption, and atonement, Hosea broke the good news of these wonderful gifts of God’s grace that were coming in due time and according to His good pleasure. In this ancient text, Hosea looks down the panorama of the future and reveals that we are purchased by the love of God.

January 27, 2013 | John Bayles | Purchased by Love (Hosea 3:1-5)

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