Sunday, October 5, 2014

October 5, 2014 | Pastor John Bayles | The Spirit-filled Life: Being Filled with Honor | Ephesians 5:21

Though this is a very familiar passage, we must see it as a part of Paul’s subject which he began in verse 15 and centers in the statement in v.18: “be filled with the Spirit.” He has instructed us to Be Filled with Wisdom (v.15-18) and to Be Filled with Thanks (v.18-20). He now turns to his third imperative: Be Filled with Honor, which begins in v.21 and continues all the way through chapter 6:9. This section is the longest and includes a listing of Christian relationship all centered in the key of Honoring One Another or submitting to one another as he has stated in v.21.

These subjects contain some very rich and practicable elements for us, especially in a day when human relationships are in a fast state of decline. The Apostle Paul found himself in a context similar to ours, and set forth foundation and practical instructions for success in Christian relationships of all kinds. In this lesson we will examine relational values between several groups and will discover practical methods for their nurture, harmony, and balance.

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