Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 8, 2015 | Pastor John Bayles | Before I Leave You: A Hard Transition | John 16:12-33

In this text the disciples go from confusion to belief and then back to confusion and fear. The cross is still in their future. They seem to be in a state of wonderment about what is happening or could happen next. On the one hand, Jesus is giving them instruction about the near future, of how to handle his arrest, trial, suffering and death, as well as their ensuing sadness and grief. And, on the other hand He comments upon the far future: how they will be equipped with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, whom Jesus will send. In addition, they will come into a new time frame of revelation and relationship directly with their heavenly Father.

To this point they have been hearing about the Father through the message of Jesus. They have been confused, as if caught in a fog, not able to fully see or understand, much like someone telling a story told about a person that they know, but that the hearer has never personally met. They believe that the mysterious person really exists, but it is based on the testimony of the Jesus. The person-to-person barrier broken down only by a personal, first hand encounter remains.

This is going to change for the disciples. Jesus knows that all of the things He is sharing are hard for the disciples to understand, but assures them that a time is coming, in a short while, when they will personally meet the Father and know Him as Jesus knows Him. He also knows, however, that the transition is going to be hard and terrifying. They will not fair well at the beginning, but just at the point of their greatest fear and grief, their world will change into one of light and life.

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March 8, 2015 | Pastor John Bayles | Before I Leave You: A Hard Transition | John 16:12-33

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