Sunday, July 25, 2021


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A Beggar’s Faith
Mark 10:46-52

Today we will continue to walk with Jesus toward Jerusalem. The scene opens as Jesus is entering the metropolitan city of Jericho. Jesus is accompanied by His disciples, the small contingency of women who traveled with them (Luke 8:2) and a growing number of people (the crowds) who began to attach themselves to the group as they entered the region of Jericho. Some clarification must be made about the City of Jericho. Two cities stood in Jesus day, both identified as Jericho. The first was the ruins of the ancity that continues to be the oldest inhabited city in the world (7,000-8,000 years). The second city of Jericho was built as a winter palace to the southeast, toward Jerusalem by Herod the Great in 4 BC. This distinction is important as we think of the slight change of location for the present text. Very likely, Matthew’s statement that Jesus and His disciples were leaving Jericho held over against Mark and Luke’s statement that they were coming into the city is resolved by this historical context. Mark is stating that they had gone through the ancient city and were entering the modern Herodian city. Luke, who gathered all the accounts, follows Mark with the historical context in mind. Most importantly, was the incident and miracle which took place between the two places as a beggar pleaded to Jesus for a wish to be fulfilled.

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