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The Eternal Perspective
Genesis 17:1-14, 22-27

As we come to Chapter 17 of Genesis, Abram's household, though it has experienced a redemptive touch from the Lord at the close of Chapter 16, is left dealing with the consequences of sin. Since Hagar's return to Abram's household until present, 13 years have passed. During that time, there has been no communication from the Lord. Over this period of time, Abram has managed a split family situation while having a son in Ishmael, who is now 13 years old. Certainly this period of time offered Abram an opportunity to reflect upon the events that resulted in his circumstances being what they were. Throughout this 13-year period, the silence of the Lord has not meant God has abandoned Abram or His covenant promises (Genesis Chapter 15) and Abram, on the other hand, has been kept in the faith by the grace of God.

Chapter 17 presents to us the greatest of covenantal chapters in the Bible. Foundational and representative to all of the covenants God would establish, the Lord renews His covenant with Abram. In that renewal He reaffirms promises already made and expands upon the details of the covenant itself.

In today's message, we will consider the call of God upon Abram "to walk before (the Lord) and be blameless." Further, we shall consider the temporal promises of God - what they were and what they signify.


                                                    Roger and Marsha Melson

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