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GENESIS 21:14-34

In Genesis 21:14-21, we continue our study of the account where Abraham sends Hagar and Ishmael away from the community of faith into the wilderness. During our study of these verses we will, once again, consider the immediate obedience of Abraham to the command of God. From there we will contemplate the contrast between the wells of Isaac and the skin of water possessed by Ishmael. This sets before us a contrast between the church and the world.

As the text unfolds from verses 19-21, God upholds His promise formerly made to Abraham and Hagar concerning Ishmael. While Ishmael is given no spiritual promise or blessing, he is given a providential promise that God will supply for him earthly care. The fulfillment of this promise leads us into the exploration of the doctrine of "common grace." "Common grace," as first revealed in Genesis 8 and 9 and affirmed by the Lord Jesus in Matthew 5:45 is that common thread that unites all of humanity, Christians and non-Christians alike. In this life, all mankind is under the providing, sustaining care of the Lord and all of mankind shares in life's trials and sufferings. There is no distinction between the Christian and the world. In varying degrees and measures of provision and trials, individuals, in their life, face this reality all of the days of their life. This is the standard for life itself "while the earth remains." (Genesis 9:22)

May the Lord's sustaining Hand uphold you by the power of His grace as you seek to serve Him.

To God by the Glory.

                                                    Roger and Marsha Melson

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